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Our Services

Transformation Architect

We provide direct support to the executive leading a transformation. We bring an honest broker perspective to the transformation conversation. Based on the organization's unique challenges and leveraging our experience we develop a unique transformation solution. We support the executive with our services of:

  • Leader's Intent

  • Strategic Advances

  • Strategic Management Process 

  • Strategic Solution Delivery™.

Image by Felix Mittermeier
Leader's Intent

We provide a robust process for leaders to define their intent. Leaders need to make the choice where they need to take the organization and how. We lead the executive team through a process to clearly understand and describe:

  • The business case for the change

  • The use of strategy to drive the change

  • The involvement of the team to implement the change.


Strategic Advances

We believe strategic conversations needs to be advances, not retreats. We provide an outcome-focused strategic conversation. Leaders need to ensure strategic conversations and off sites deliver results. We lead the executive team in:

  • Defining the need for the strategic conversation

  • Developing the conversation scope

  • Preparing the team for the conversation

  • Facilitating the conversation

  • Producing the communication products from the conversation.

Strategic Management Process Architect

We provide direct support to the executive leading the strategic management process. Based on the organization's unique challenges and leveraging our experience we bring best practices to develop a robust strategic management process. Working with the senior management team we:

  • Identify, define, refine, and implement an annual process

  • Facilitate conversations

  • Assess the process.

Strategic Solutions Delivery™

We are the developer and implementer of the unique Strategic Solutions Delivery™ approach for leading a project-based organization. Strategic Solutions Delivery™ is an integrated management approach for the project-based organization.

Strategic Solutions Delivery™ provides a framework that enables a project-based organization to integrate strategic management, portfolio management, and project delivery approaches. Strategic Solutions Delivery™ was developed and continues to be developed with leading project-based organizations.

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