Tim Kotnour, PhD

Tim Kotnour, Ph.D., is the Lockheed Martin St. Laurent Professor in the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management Systems at the University of Central Florida. He is the Director of the UCF Engineering Leadership and Innovation Institute and the Program Director of the Professional Engineering Management Program. He completed his doctorate in Industrial & Systems Engineering with an emphasis in Management Systems Engineering from Virginia Tech. 


Tim partners with senior management teams to develop solutions for sustained performance excellence for their organization.  He delivers solutions through technical assistance, training, and research with industry, government, and universities.  He focuses on strategic management, change management, organizational transformations, performance measurement, and solution delivery.  He provides strategic conversation process development and facilitation to leadership teams.  He has led groups ranging from five up to 200+ people in setting strategy.  


Past and current partners include NASA, NASA Kennedy Space Center, NASA Launch Services Program, NASA Exploration Ground Systems Program, NASA Glenn Research Center, NASA Wallops Flight Facility, NASA Science Mission Directorate, Electronic Arts, Zynga, Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment, Raytheon, Department of Defense/TARDEC, Walt Disney Company, Lockheed Martin, Harris Corporation, Dynacs Engineering Inc., U.S. Air Force, Department of Energy, Orlando Healthcare System, and Carilion Healthcare System. 


He teaches Technology Strategy, Project Engineering, and Engineering Management both on and off campus for industrial partners.  He has provided professional/executive management education to organizations such as the Kennedy Space Center, Harris Corporation, Lockheed Martin, Walt Disney World, Raytheon, Fed-ex, The Boeing Company, Siemens Power Generation, and Harris Corporation.  He has taught strategy for the European School of Management and Technology.


In 2016, 2005, and 2001, he was awarded a NASA Public Service Medal for the partnership work with the Kennedy Space Center.  He is also a Fellow of the American Society for Engineering Management.


He is author of the book Transforming Organizations: Strategies and Methods and was the Editor of the Engineering Management Journal.