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Speaking & Training Services

Leaders are held accountable for delivering sustained results.  Delivering these results require leaders to transform their organizations.  The “why” for transformations is usually clear.  Leaders need insight on the “what” and “how” to transform.  Leaders need to know the decisions they need to make on a daily basis.

Dr. Tim Kotnour is a professor, practicing consultant, and active researcher in the area of strategic management and organizational transformations.  He has worked and continues to work with executives from leading high-tech organizations.  His interactive, action-learning sessions focus on transforming organizations through strategy. 

Example presentations include:

  • Making Strategy Real: The Opportunity of Living Strategic Management on a Daily Basis

  • The High-Performing Project-Based Organization: The Seven R's of Sustained Performance

  • Strategies and Methods for Successful Transformations

  • Strategic Conversations that Move Organizations Forward

  • Measures are Good as Long as They are Good Measures

  • Solution Delivery: The Role of the Project Leader.

Image by Jonas Jacobsson
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